Thursday, September 9, 2010

He's On A Hair Plan

Just to do a quick update on Patrick's hair situation, since I know you all have been on the edges of your seats waiting on it...

He did get his hair cut at a salon near our office. After much coercing from Katie & I (the "coworkers that care"), we did get him to finally make his appointment. It took even more coercing to get him to take the printed blog post with him so that the stylist would know exactly what he wanted and how Reagan suggested he achieve that. He argued that he felt silly, but finally obliged. I mean, his instant fame from Reagan's blog got a lot of positive feedback including a marriage proposal! Who was he to let the people down?

These were taken on the same day of the cut - so salon styled:

His excuse: he informed us that he is on a multi-step hair plan so not to expect the full results just yet.

It's better, but not exactly what I was expecting. I'm too ashamed to send these results to Reagan just yet, so I'm waiting to see the full results of the plan his stylist has him on. To me, she just trimmed it a bit and thinned it, but all I really see is shorter hair over his ears. He still even has the unfortunate swoopy-doop on the sides - it's just shorter with a couple of ill-placed bangs. But the top is growing out (a la Bradley Cooper) he says, so not to worry.

But, Patrick was quite pleased with his visit to a real salon. He's feeling good about his hair...although that isn't saying too much because he thought he had pretty darn awesome hair before. He was actually feeling so confident that day that he wanted to model his Arnold Palmer drink in hopes of getting an advertising or modeling deal with them. & yes, he's totally serious.

What do you think? Am I judging the "plan" too harshly? Am I stomping on his hopes and dreams of becoming an Arnold Palmer drink model? Does the swoopy-doopiness bother you or is it just me?
Here's hoping to even better results from phase 2 of the hair plan!


Kathleen said...

excuse after excuse after excuse.

Joy said...

I think it looks nice :-) Wow, if he got a marriage proposal, he should really stick with what he had! LOL!!

Turbo said...

Hahahaha, I love this. Glad to hear that Patrick has undertaken this quest for more stylish hair.