Tuesday, September 28, 2010

#31 - Check! Amazing Maize Maze

From my 101 in 1001 list, #31 - Go through a corn maze - Check!

On Saturday my nieces Lindsay and Lori came over for some quality Aunt Lacey, Uncle John and cousin Tuna time. And some not so quality cousin Reese time - he may have bit Lindsay - but he didn't mean it, honest! They came over for a sleepover party since their parents went out to dinner to celebrate their anniversary alone...the nerve of them to not want to take these two little angels with them!?


But I'm glad they let us have them because for 1 - I ♥ them and 2 - they helped me knock something of my 101 list! A win-win!

John and I took them to a corn maze that I have been to several times before. It was the first time I've been able to convince John to go and shockingly he actually liked it!

Lindsay and Lori were beyond THRILLED to go to the maze and could hardly contain their excitement when we were finally on our way.
(They even sleep just alike!)

Once we got there they perked up a little. And then I decided that some caffeine was needed to pep them (and me) up so a Coke was purchased and that seemed to do the trick!

We made our way through the seven acres of maze and made it out in one hour and 26 minutes. You go into the maze with a blank map divided into twelfths. There are 12 mailboxes located in the maze and each mailbox has a puzzle piece in it. If you can find all 12 puzzle pieces you will have a complete map of the maze.

At first we just let Lindsay and Lori make all of the decisions, but John eventually took the lead and became our fearless leader. Look how confident he looked finding our way...

...while us girls had a photo shoot instead:

After 1 hour and 26 minutes we stumbled upon the exit of the maze with only 10 of the 12 puzzle pieces found. But, we were a hungry bunch so we decided to skip those last 2 pieces and go eat instead. 

But not before we got a "family" picture on the exit bridge!

Can't wait to do it again next year!


Andrea said...

Where is this place? How much does it cost? Counds like a lot of fun and a way to prove to my husband I am actually the one with the keen sense of direction, contrary to what he might think!

Joy said...

Awww! I love it! So precious! I am going to so put that angel picture as my backdrop on my computer :-) Too cute! Thank you both again for taking my precious angels for the night, they had such a great time and have told EVERYONE they have seen about their sleepover!!

MillerMama said...

I just told my hubby last week that I wanted to go to a corn maze! I mean we live in Ohio (corn country) and I've never done one. His response: "I don't get why that would be fun."

I think perhaps it is HIM who is no fun. Hrrmph.