Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lost But Not Found

When something is on my mind a lot or is bothering me, I typically dream about it. I have vivid nightly dreams and the subject is usually something I encountered during the day. For example, I'll have a nightmare about snakes or crocodiles if I happen to see them on TV that day. Therefore, when snakes or crocodiles come on TV (especially during Survivor), I have to shield my eyes like a scared little girl and wait for John to tell me it's over. It's very mature of me, I know.

So last night I dreamt about something that I was thinking a lot about yesterday. It's a very important issue to me and has really been bothering me for quite some time. I just cannot fathom how something like this could have happened to me of all people. I've seen it happen to other people, but it's one of those things that you always think will never happen to you.

I have lost three tank tops, folks.

So three, yes THREE shirts have disappeared within the last year. I'm not one to lose things and it has been driving me crazy. How do I lose not one, but three shirts? It's a mystery, I tell ya.

The logical person might suggest one of these scenarios:

  • The tanks got mixed into a Goodwill pile at some point and were accidentally donated.

  • John had some laundry issues at some point, ruined the tanks, and just got rid of them to avoid the conflict.

  • Since they were all vacation worthy, perhaps they were left in a closet or something and never brought back home with me.

  • Ignoring the fact that I have searched EVERYwhere in my home, maybe they are in a drawer or something and I'm just not seeing them when I search. (Which is NOT the case, I'm sure of it!)

But logical - I am not. And my dreams seem to agree with the fact that logic needs to go out of the window if I have any hope of finding these lost garments.

So instead, this is what I think may have happened:

  • They hitchhiked themselves across the country.

  • They fell off of their hangers (a.k.a. clothing suicide) and then the cats and/or vacuum had them for lunch.

  • They drowned in the washing machine, and then the washing machine (sensing their lifeless garment bodies) flushed them down the drain pipe.

  • Our home was burglarized and the burglar figured that since there really isn't all that much of value to take, that he'd at least pick up some nice "new" tanks for his wife. (A burglary was the scenario I dreamt about last night!)

What do you think? You think they are thumbin' it cross country? Yeah, I was thinking that was the most likely scenario too. If you happen to see them, perhaps pick them up and bring them back to me, will ya?

And in the mean time, feel free to print the poster and place it all around town. And hurry...fall is coming and it's not gonna wait around to give me the chance to wear these long lost puppies.

Thanks for your help in this dire situation! You just let me know if you need me to help you find any lost, hitchhiking inanimate objects as well. Together, we'll get through this...time will heal all wounds.

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Anonymous said...

I checked the beach house drawers and did not find them. :-( But come to think of it on the way home I did see some strange hitchhikers!