Monday, August 16, 2010

iPhone Antics: III

...Cause I tend to take some pretty random pictures with my iPhone that I can't bear to delete, but they are not facebook share-worthy. So they get dumped here 'specially for you!

Much like your facebook profile picture, I get tired of seeing the same pictures pop up on my phone when people call. So, from time to time I like to take new pictures of those that call the most. This night I just had ONE simple request. I even asked nicely and at an appropriate time - we were at a favorite restaurant waiting for our food to come. "John, you are looking really nice tonight, mind if I take a new picture of you for my phone?"

He refused. And so I'm sharing the outtakes. Cause they were all outtakes. That'll teach him.

Remember Yogi from the train? Well, what I didn't share was his panty lines. Ohhh Yogi. Gotta learn to wear a thong when you're wearing your tight fur!

Yes, I know I'm still carrying the same purse as I was in January...GASP! But, I'm also still carrying some pretty random things in it. This day, I chuckled (don't ya just love the word "chuckle"?) cause as I'm digging for car keys I notice a wee little Elmo looking up at me.

Which wouldn't be so weird if I had kids...but I don't.

Have you ever ridden a donkey in an ice cream shop? Lindsay has! She's starting to check things off of her life list at the young age of 6! Way to get a head start, Lindsay!

I get bored on road trips when A) we leave a the buttcrack of dawn and B) my passenger snoozes the whole way. So I start taking pictures:

That's my Dad leading the pack pulling his camper, followed by my sister Christy pulling their camper, then my sister Joy, and then me - all traveling at 65 mph - and I have a pretty close to full tank of gas.

Oooh look, a sunrise!

And finally, I guess it was blue oxford shirt day at the local sandwich shop this particular day.

Don't you worry, I'll keep taking useless, random pictures for your enjoyment/annoyment. Until next time....

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