Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Christy!

DISCLAIMER: I was on vacation on Tuesday, which was my big sissy Christy's birthday. I realized this before I left for vacation and scheduled this to post on Tuesday in my absence. However, I am just realizing today that it never posted so I came back to figure out the issue. Regardless, this was not belated! I wished this birthday wish early...you're just getting to read it late. Tis all, carry on...

Can I get an H?
Can I get an A?
Can I get a P?
Can I get a P?
Can I get a Y?

What does that spell? HAPPY! As in HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER!!

Christy has a big milestone birthday today...today she is...25. Wooo! A quarter century! Where does the time go? ;)

Christy is married to Chris, her high school sweetheart. They went to both junior and senior proms together, and have been together ever since. It's only fitting since their names are Chris & Christy, right? AND, if that wasn't enough, Chris's last name (which is now conveniently Christy's last name also) happens to be one of Christy's favorite foods. Now if that's not destiny I don't know what is.

She is the craftiest sister, & I don't mean that in a clever/scheming way, she's crafty as in a 'Always shows up to craft night with the best craft' sort of way. When I was little, I was always so mesmerized by all the cool things in Christy's room in her craft box. Pipe cleaners and yarn and sequins and felt galore.

She was an elementary school teacher before the childrens - Vince and Seth - came along. I wanted to be a teacher just like her at the time. She even let me come to her classroom a couple of times to help her with bulletin boards (my fave!) and such. AND, she gave me her old attendance books and teacher edition text books that I used to play school with my stuffed animals and dolls. When I played school as a child, it was official! Kid Sister had such an awful attendance record!

She's a great big sis, and always has been.
And she's a double for our Mama/Mom (she calls her Mom), in more ways than one!

Hope you have a most fabulous birthday Christy! Love you!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Lacey! Love you too!