Monday, August 23, 2010

Changing Lives Over Here...

...That's what we are doing. It may look like a typical office with cubicles and computers and file cabinets galore, but we are changing lives here people. That's what my co-worker Katie and I strive for. Don't believe me? Just listen to this.

Our other co-worker Patrick has unfortunate hair, currently. He has been asking for advice and we were sending him pictures of styles we thought he could pull off. But, we just couldn't get through to him. He wasn't trusting our judgement. And so day after day we came in wondering when Patrick was going to take flight:

You see that swoopiness he has on each side? Well those are his wings and he couldn't bear to part with them. So we called in the big guns. We asked the all-knowing and wonderful stylist Reagan at 'Hairdresser on Fire' for help. She's a professional, after all! Surely Patrick would heed her advice!

(& even if Reagan was too busy to respond, Katie and I had hatched up a plan to come up with our own reply "from Reagan" that we would then share with Patrick. White lies never hurt when you are only trying to help, right?) (Patrick are you reading this? If so...JK!)

& then we waited. But not for long! Reagan saw the desperaticity (not a word, I know- but it's what I need to say and I'm prepared to deal with my spell checker) in our email and then responded almost right away on her blog! And now Patrick has agreed to get professional help. This is life changing, folks. He's even printed out the blog post so he can take it to the stylist so as to not miss a step of the wonderful advice he received.

So you wanna read it?

Here is Helping Patrick.

Feel free to leave encouraging words for Patrick here also! He'd love to hear from you.

And check back soon for some wing-free follow-up pics!


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