Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Racheal's Baby Shower

Sunday my sisters, mom and I threw a baby shower for my brother's fiancé, Racheal. Racheal and Colt are expecting a baby boy, Wyatt, due September 19th and we can't wait to meet him!

Most showers I've been to follow the same formula...

Food + Games + Presents + Cake

...and ours was no different. Just, better, cause we threw it, duh.

So we started with food, which included chocolate covered strawberries, the cutest little watermelon baby carriage made my my Mama, punch, ham rolls, sausage dip, pasta salad, a cheese ball, and other little appetizers.

And then there were games...which was my department. I didn't want any gross games or any games that would embarrass anyone. So after endless googling, I ended up with two fun little games that I think worked out really well.

The first one was a quiz where you had to guess the baby item in each of the paper bags that spelled out "Baby Shower." I got this game here, if you're interested.

The bags were passed around and guesses were made. The winner actually guessed all 10 items right!

The next game I threw together at the last minute. I couldn't find anything else I liked online, so I came up with something on my own, sort of. I played a very similar version at a Premier Jewelry party once, so I just made it somewhat baby related.

This works good at a shower since it is usually all women, and not many women leave home without their purse. All you need is a deck of cards and a set of printed letters on cards to show. I used this baby block clip art downloaded from the Microsoft website...

...and I was all set. To play, I showed a random letter card to everyone one at a time, and everyone had to dig through their purse as quickly as possible to find something that started with that letter and call it out. The first two people to yell something out each get a playing card.

You continue on through all of your letters, and at the end, the person with the cards that add up to the highest sum (a two is a 2, face cards are 10, etc.) wins! Simple, but lots of fun. We even had some creative answers thrown out...such as 'Yugoslavian Fan' for the letter "U".... hmmmm. :)

Next up, Racheal tackled her huge pile of gifts...

...which included LOTS of baby bath things, among other stuff. Wyatt's gonna be one clean baby! And also, my Mama made this super cute diaper cake....awww!

And then finally, it was time for cake! I hadn't decorated a cake in a while and had been itching to have a reason to, so I decided to make it myself! I think it turned out pretty good!

And so now we wait. Not much longer til we meet the little guy...I can't wait!

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Amelia said...

Hi there! I'm bloghopping from Cjane's "We're On Our Way Over" Post. It's nice to meet you!

This sounds like my kind of baby shower. Thanks for sharing!