Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 6: A Hundred (and one)

This is the sixth day of 'Lacey's More Funner 30 Days of Blogging' which I talked about here. I'm pretty sure I'm just setting myself up to fail, but I'll give it a try!


This was extremely difficult to do. For my 100th blog post over a year ago, I tried to do this and only got to number 16 and I quit. So, to help me out, my dear friend and coworker Katie gave me my first 10 as a head start:

  1. I have never broken a bone.
  2. I was a cheerleader in 4th grade. There were 2 squads in the association, and this girl Lori picked all of our friends to be on her squad (her mom had some pull) and left me out, so I got stuck with the dorks on the other squad. I still hold a grudge against Lori.

  3. I was really good at playing pool in college.

  4. I once had a false first impression of someone. (Her exact words were: "I often have false first impressions of people," but we're such good friends now, Katie! I'm sorry!)

  5. I love to read.

  6. Doing jigsaw puzzles got me through a breakup once.

  7. I am worried about having a son because boys are bad.

  8. I have Salsaritas nachos at least once a week.

  9. I am paranoid my house always smells like cat pee. Everyone claims it doesn't...but it doesn't make me any less paranoid!

  10. I am a liar. (This is totally not true, cause I was only lying to not hurt someone's feelings! I'll add one more to the list to make it '100 things about me + 1 lie' to make up for it!)

    And now I'm on my own:

  11. I don't eat vegetables.

  12. I rarely eat fruit.

  13. I really did want to get married in Las Vegas by Elvis, but logistically and financially it wouldn't have worked.

  14. I'm not a fan of girls' nights. I like to hang with the boys way more.

  15. I hate to watch TV shows on time because I hate to watch commercials. I DVR it and start it once it's halfway over.

  16. Immediately after I post a blog, I read it again several times. And then, if someone comments on my blog, I go back to read the post over to see exactly what they just read.

  17. I'm in the process of scanning and organizing 40 years of my family's pictures. It sounds tedious, but I love these kind of projects.

  18. I never think that simply signing a birthday card is enough. I always decorate the envelope and sometimes even draw something inside.

  19. I'm flat footed.

  20. I'm flying by myself for the first time this August.

  21. I dream about flying (as in without the plane) a LOT.

  22. I was never a big fan of cartoons.

  23. I don't have a favorite color.

  24. I can't ever think of anything to say in those 'about me' things, yet I thought I could make a list of 100 things.

  25. I am actually really shy, but I do my best to hide it.

  26. I love office supplies.

  27. I hate buying clothes at full price.

  28. I love my hometown (Charlotte, NC) and would never move.

  29. I'm obsessed with maps and have spend an embarrassing amount of time on Google Maps.

  30. I know lots of song lyrics but few song names or artists.

  31. I love Pandora but hate how so many songs are live recordings. I despise live recordings.

  32. I wake up with a song already stuck in my head. It's usually a song I hate.

  33. I honestly think I'm smarter than most people I know. (But not you.)

  34. I love the smell of new plastic.

  35. & of gasoline.

  36. The first thing I notice about other people is what they are wearing.

  37. I'm still not used to my new last name.

  38. My hands and feet get really sweaty when I'm playing Wii.

  39. I never had the chicken pox.

  40. I had my tonsils removed in 2003 and once I healed, my uvula often tickled my throat when singing in my car. Totally serious.

  41. My eyes are blue with a yellow ring in them, which sometimes people mistake for green eyes. These people need to get their eyes checked.

  42. I started wearing glasses in 2005. But only to drive, watch TV, or see anything far-ish away.

  43. I squinted really hard during my DMV eye exam so my license would not say that glasses were required for me to drive. I passed.

  44. I've never been able to do a cartwheel.

  45. My legs were always covered in mosquito bites when I was younger.

  46. I once successfully said the alphabet backwards in less than 60 seconds to win tickets to the Renaissance Festival.

  47. I love to play board games.

  48. I love to play card games.

  49. I love to play Nintendo, Super Nintendo or Wii games.

  50. My husband is JUST like my daddy.

  51. I'm a great speller.

  52. I can't make a fist. My top knuckles don't really bend too well.

  53. I love roller coasters.

  54. When I took swimming lessons, the last lesson got rained out so we never got "tread water" checked off on our official swimming certificate. But I CAN tread water, darn it.

  55. When I was little, I cried when I had to go get my picture taken. I guess this time they gave up on my cheering up and just went ahead and bought the pictures anyways:
  56. My face still gets all blotchy and red if I cry.

  57. When I was a baby, my daddy would set the rear view mirror to look at me instead of looking where he had been...or where he was going.

  58. I'm a good personal travel agent.

  59. I didn't carry a purse until I was in high mama thought there was something wrong with me!

  60. I don't wear make-up everyday.

  61. I have to buy earrings that are made for "sensitive ears."

  62. I have inherited dry skin from my mama and grandmother.

  63. I've always had white specks in my fingernails. Not so many now, but lots when I was little.

  64. I played the flute and then piccolo in the marching band in high school. I dropped out after my junior year.

  65. I've learned everything I know about flowers from my Mama, but I still have a lot more to learn.

  66. My Daddy used to drive an eighteen wheeler, and would let us skip school and ride along with him sometimes.

  67. My bus number in elementary school was 786.

  68. I love to play badminton.

  69. I was watching the movie "Titanic" on the night it opened when my oldest nephew Vince was born.

  70. Once, I actually called in to the radio and won tickets to a movie. I never went to pick up the tickets.

  71. I once had $17 and some change of overdue library fees on my card. I quit going to the library for a few years and then later applied for a new card. I never paid the fees.

  72. Breakfast foods are by far my favorite foods. But, I normally just drink a SlimFast for breakfast.

  73. I only like Log Cabin or Mrs. Butterworth's syrups.

  74. I took the military's ASVAB test in high school just to get out of class. Those damn recruiters called me for years after that. Should've just gone to class.

  75. I'm terrible at all sports.

  76. My first car was a Honda Civic. My current car is a Honda Civic. I had a Toyota, Scion and a Chevrolet in between those two.

  77. The best job I've ever had was at the Great American Cookie Company.

  78. I still have all of my old coloring books and a box of crayons in my closet. I like to color from time to time.

  79. The only other childhood toy I held onto was Big Bear, which we got Christmas 1988:

  80. I want my future babies to be bald when born. If they aren't, I'm shaving their heads.

  81. I only have my two upper wisdom teeth, and the one on the right side is halfway in. They don't think the left one will ever come in.

  82. I only had braces for a little over one year. I don't think I had them long enough and my teeth aren't perfect anymore.

  83. Dr. Pepper is my favorite soda.

  84. I don't really have a southern accent, y'all.

  85. I love living in the city and could never live in a small town.

  86. I was only spanked twice growing up. My sisters were spanked way more often. I think I was just that much better of a child, not that my parents were easier on my brother and I.

  87. I often dream that I still live in my parent's house.

  88. I left high school one day to get Bojangles for lunch instead of cafeteria food (which we weren't allowed to leave campus) and got caught when we came back. I was suspended for two days.

  89. My brother, my sister Joy and myself were all called by our middle names.

  90. I have very thick hair like my Daddy.

  91. If I missed the bus in high school, my Mama would give me a ride in the back of her mail jeep. (She's a mail carrier). There was no seat.

  92. I've only sang karaoke once in my life and it was with my best friend Amy while we were on vacation. We sang "I Will Survive."

  93. I have a big butt and I cannot lie.

  94. I was almost late to my college graduation ceremony because I couldn't find my hat. I gave up, bought another one when I got there (thankfully) and then found the original one when I got home. I have an extra if anyone needs it.

  95. I've never cut grass.

  96. I'm an Aries, but don't put too much stock into astrological signs.

  97. I don't like my hands to get too dirty while eating, so I wipe them after every bite.

  98. I'm the go-to person for Microsoft Office or Outlook related questions in my department at work.

  99. I have a soft spot for truck drivers (see #66) and always let them over in front of me.

  100. Lightning struck our house once when I was 16 and I called 911 cause I thought our house was on fire. It wasn't.

  101. I have the best family ever. Big families are the BEST!

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CJ Samonds said...

Gee...I remember #88! (and #74 b/c a group of us did it together) If I remember correctly that was the year we had tons more "securtiy officers" at our school b/c they were gonna close us down if our test scores didnt come up and as we were trying to sneak back into school we turned a corner and ran smack into them! Ooops! We even tried to turn and run thinking they didn't see us...they did! It was worth it though!
I have another fun fact about you....'member when your friends filled your entire car w/ balloons for your bday (and wrote all over your car)?!!