Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 4: Turn that down!

This is the fourth day of 'Lacey's More Funner 30 Days of Blogging' which I talked about here. I'm pretty sure I'm just setting myself up to fail, but I'll give it a try!

  1. Eat anything and everything I want. Although I did get away with this for 22 years of my life...the ol' metabolism eventually did slow down. Bummer. I guess I should be thankful that I as least got those easily-skinny 22 years!

  2. Enjoy extremely loud music. Yes, at the age of 28 I'm already yelling, "Turn it down!" Now where did I put my cane and dentures?

  3. Drink like I used to. Thinking back about how much you are able to drink in your college years versus what you can drink now is ridiculous. All I need these days are 2 beers...although it is quite a bit cheaper, but also quite a bit pathetic-er.

  4. Walk around pantsless & with black socks.

  5. Watch any of these TV shows: America's Next Top Model, The Real World, The Hills.

  6. Have sub woofers in my trunk. I quite enjoyed them in my late teens/early 20's (don't be hatin'!), but I think if I were to pull up to a stoplight now bumpin', I may get laughed at. And that would hurt my feelings.

  7. Wear colored flip flops. I used to have a pair in every color, but, somewhere along the way I got the idea in my head that by drawing attention to my feet by wearing different colored flip flops that people would then notice my big feet. So now, neutrals only, please.

  8. Play in the playhouse at McDonald's. Something about a height requirement.

  9. Run. I quit the Couch to 5K program when I got pregnant, but never started it back up because running made my knees hurt so bad. I think I had improper form, because I know I had good shoes.

  10. Go to bed late and then get up early. I need my sleep. Unless, of course, I have a Monster drink.

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