Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 3: Teacher, Teacher

This is the third day of 'Lacey's More Funner 30 Days of Blogging' which I talked about here. I'm pretty sure I'm just setting myself up to fail, but I'll give it a try!


When I was little, I always wanted to be a teacher. I was most looking forward to decorating my classroom bulletin boards, and not so much the actual "teaching" part. And then I got a little older and realized I didn't like that changed everything.

But, lucky for me there were some teachers along the way that did like kids. Cause I had some good ones.

Take my 4th grade teacher Mrs. Ross for example. She was so loved by everyone in our class that her classroom walls were completely covered in the artwork we all drew her. She was quite the jokester and was so, so funny. I have no idea how it got to this, but one day our classroom antics got so wild that my friend Rodney had somehow managed to strip Mrs. Ross of her wig (which this was the first day I even knew she wore a wig!), place it on his head (atop his stylin' box cut), and made a lap around the classroom much to the delight of 25 other ten year olds. She was a good sport, that Mrs. Ross.

And then there was Mrs. Chapman in 3rd grade. She was a great teacher too, but as far as specific details go, all I can really remember are 2 things: 1) Her ice cream cone bulletin board used for our multiplication tables was only the most beautifulest of all bulletin boards ever, and 2) the way she taught me the perfect way to make an "r" in cursive - "make it slope down in a way that if it began to rain atop your "r", all the rain would run off to the right."

But with the good, there's always the bad. And the meanest, baddest, teacher of them all was Mrs. Hilton, my 1st grade teacher.

Mean old Mrs. Hilton was the only teacher EVER in my elementary school career to put my name on the board. & I bet she was sorry she did after she did it, cause I bawled my little eyes out.

And then, there was the day that we were writing sentences on that thin, flimsy, newsprint paper with the red and blue lines on it - ya know what I'm talking about? Well, I was writing my sentence just fine and right at the end of my sentence I made a mistake. But no worries, I was writing in pencil. So as gingerly as I could I tried to erase my mistake and ended up tearing a hole in my paper. And mean Mrs. Hilton had a rule that if you tore your paper you had to start all over again on a new sheet.

So, trying to outsmart Mrs. Hilton, when I took my paper up to her desk to be checked, I decided to keep my hand over the hole while she checked it. I'm sure it was windy in the classroom or something and I was just trying to hold my paper down, that's all. Being a human paper weight, if you will. But, she saw right through my tricks, uncovered the hole and sent me back to my desk to start all over again. & again, tears. Mean ol' Mrs. Hilton.

But, for the bad rap that public schools get (especially Charlotte-Meck schools) I have to say that I had some really great teachers along the way and I wouldn't trade in my school days for anything. Not even the year in mean Mrs. Hilton's class...well, maybe the year in mean Mrs. Hilton's class.

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Joy said...

Very cool post! I love all of the pictures!! Wow :-) How mean was that teacher, picking on the most perfect kid in the class! LOL!!