Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 22: Picasa

This is the twenty-second day of 'Lacey's More Funner 30 Days of Blogging' which I talked about here. The end is in sight....


(Tomāto, tomahto - Picasa, Picasso...you get it, right?)

Picasa is the bomb-diggity. For one, it's free. Two, it's easy.

& Three - it does this face-scan thing when you import all of your pictures into it. It scans faces and then groups each person together, and once you've given each group a name it will sort any new pictures based on who is in them. So when I'm looking for some good pictures for any of my birthday posts for example, I just open up Picasa and scroll through each person's group to see all of my options. Take my brother Colt, for example:

But besides all of that, it is way easier to make my collages and headers for this here blog by using Picasa than it is using Photoshop. & that is my number one reason why I love it so.

I first learned how to use Picasa by following this tutorial here which explains exactly how to make headers like the one I have. Don't come back here bragging when yours looks so much better than mine...I do my best, darn it!

POST POST EDIT: Well, shoot. I can't figure out if Picasa is changing the original file or not. At this point I'm just going to yell, "HELP!"

POST EDIT: Well, apparently I'm either 1) a dummy or 2) a dummy, cause tonight while fixing some pictures in Picasa, I realized it was actually changing the actual file too, not just the file within Picasa, WITHOUT having to export the picture and have 2 copies on my hard drive. Wahoo! So, I take back these 3 paragraphs...oops!

But, there has to be a negative or else it would be too good to be true. So here is why Picasa is a good program to make collages and things, but not so much as your main photo-editing software:
When you are doing simple edits to your pictures, as in fixing the lighting, or removing red eyes, etc., Picasa does not save over the original file with the picture that is now fixed. You must export the edited version to a NEW folder...which means that yes, now you have TWO copies of the same picture on your computer taking up space. And I don't know about you, but if I've fixed a picture of it's red eyes and such, I no longer even want the old version.

& this is why I use either the Windows photo viewer or Photoshop to do any of those types of changes.

But, I did find one other negative...when you have a picture that is way over-flashed-to-the-max and it's hard to even see any faces cause they are all whited out, Picasa does not have a way to de-light or de-highlight. You can only fill-in more light or fill-in more highlights. No bueno, amigo. But for real this time, that's the only negative!

But besides that, it's great! Download it...you'll see!

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