Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 18: Smelly Childhood

This is the eighteenth day of 'Lacey's More Funner 30 Days of Blogging' which I talked about here. I'm more than halfway through....


My childhood smelled of this:

  • Honeysuckles: There were so many honeysuckles at my grandmother's house (we called her "Manu") and anytime I smell any honeysuckles I am instantly a little girl at Manu's house again.
  • Fresh cut lumber: Hehe, but seriously! My Daddy was always building something it seems....barns, playhouses, furniture, shelving, etc., and I think about it anytime I smell wood.
  • Fudge pots.
  • Dial soap. The original 'gold' kind.
  • Smoke. & not the kind from a cigarette, thankfully. The kind from a blown-out birthday candle. Cause in a family as big as mine, there were birthdays all the time!
  • Marigolds. I remember helping my Mama plant a big section of Marigolds at the front of the garden. Now, anytime I smell mine I am reminded of hers.

And, it sounded like this:

(Go to 7:11 for the best part of it all!)

My brother and I watched this Golden Book movie: Sing, Giggle and Grin and another one called "Songs from Mother Goose" about 6 bajillion times. So much so that my poor Mama still despises when anyone starts to sing the beginning of either of these two songs:

♪♫♪ There's a hole in my bucket, dear Mary, dear Mary... ♪♫♪
♪♫♪ Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro, can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow... ♪♫♪ (go to 6:40 it! Don't act like you are too good to listen to a nursery rhyme!)

I can't wait until she reads this and gets these songs stuck in her head once again. She's gonna love it!

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Joy said...

So funny! I think my smells would be the same list :-) You forgot bacon.... that smell always reminds me of camping!! That video took me back. I would not have remembered that but now that is SO stuck in my head! Thanks A LOT! :-)