Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 17: Neese's

This is the seventeenth day of 'Lacey's More Funner 30 Days of Blogging' which I talked about here. I'm more than halfway through....


I highly doubt there is something I love that NO one else will love, but there is one thing I love that not very many people do. Especially those non-southerners. Y'all just don't know what you are missing! (& I'm one to talk...the pickiest eater of all!)

Livermush. There, I said it. It's good - really good. And I don't know why it embarrasses me, but when I order my livermush biscuit in the restaurant downstairs and then they call it out when it's ready - "LIVERMUSH BEEESKIT" - I feel like everyone else waiting on their breakfast wrinkles their noses at me. But it's good, I tell you!

Neese's is the only brand I've ever eaten. (Assuming that's what the restaurant uses too.) Lucky for me, they are apparently the crème de la crème of livermush, made right here in North Carolina, and apparently not sold in many other places. And if the word "liverMUSH" wasn't bad enough, they call it liver PUDDING, which is way worse, in my opinion.

To make it, you take your cube, slice a square off the end (much like slicing a loaf of bread) and throw it in a frying pan. Get the outsides dark and crispy and slap it on some toast or a biscuit. I put nothing on mine, but I guess some people like mustard on theirs. And voila! Breakfast is served.

Does anyone else love it too?


The Beane's said...

I haven't had this in the longest time - but I must admit I LOVED it growing up! I probably still would (and I am a picky eater too!) And yes it must be that brand!

Jean Gurley said...

Yesterday, Jack and I visited the nutritionist at the Veterans Administration Clinic - talking about food, etc. She said Livermush was organ meat. So this morning while I was eating my livermush and grits, Jack kept saying, "You know that's organ meat, right?". haha