Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 11: Buy This Stuff!

This is the eleventh day of 'Lacey's More Funner 30 Days of Blogging' which I talked about here. I'm pretty sure I'm just setting myself up to fail, but I'll give it a try!


  1. Chi Heat Protectant Spray - A must have for someone that straightens their hair daily...makes it all shiny and pretty and I likey.

  2. Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber- When I actually clean our shower, this makes it SO much easier. I've really only used it once though, cause my sweet hubby will clean it for me since cleaning a shower makes my arms hurt. I'm such a weakling.

  3. Tide 2 Go Pen - Really great to have cause it really does work, but the lid NEVER stays on so it dries out too fast.

  4. Carmex. The click stick, in particular. I have had a hard time finding the plain one instead of the cherry flavored one lately and that worried me, so I bought out the store when I finally did find some.

  5. Aveeno Baby Sunscreen SPF 55. I've actually never bought this, but this is my favorite sunscreen to use on my face. My dermatologist always gives me lots of samples of this one.

  6. Crest White Strips. They work, they really do! John and I re-whiten once a year or so.

  7. Bed Head Headrush. Comes out in a very light mist and makes your hair super shiny and not oily looking.

  8. Bath & Body Works Wallflowers. Like a Glade Plug-In, but with better scents. I like Warm Vanilla Sugar the best.

  9. Cold-Eeze. When you feel a cold coming on, start popping these (6 a day at the max, it says) and it will shorten the length of the cold majorly. I highly recommend this one!

  10. Swiffer Wet Jet. When getting out the mop is too much...the Swiffer does a quick and sufficient job!

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