Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I've got some 'splainin to do!

Based on yesterday's '2 Truths and 1 Lie', here are the answers and explanations.

Group 1: Bodily Functions

A) (Peeing in the grass on our honeymoon) This is very much true. John just laughed and took picture evidence. When a girl's gotta go....

B) (Puking in the drive-thru) Sadly, this is also very much true. In the mortified moments after puking on myself, I frantically searched for another shirt to put on so that the person at the next window didn't see me and the mess that I was. I was able to find a sweatshirt in the backseat, and put it on OVER the mess. It was all I could do in the time I had!! Totally, totally disgusting!

C) (Snot strings) This is the lie. Although, this did happen in preschool, just not to me. Her name was Jenny, and I've felt sorry for her ever since.

Group 2: Around the House

A) (Clothing OCDness) THIS is the lie! No one picked this to be the lie and I am SHOCKED! Do y'all really think I'm this crazy?? Apparently so. But no, my spreadsheet has not had any additional columns added (although I have thought about it) and my closet is the last thing from organized. AND, as a special treat for you (and because I can't stand a pictureless post) THIS is what my closet currently looks like:

Why yes, that is a pile of clean and dirty clothes in the floor. The clean ones are the rejects from rushed mornings that I don't have time to hang back up so they end up on top of the laundry basket, and the dirties are just what they are - dirty clothes, which I can't get into the laundry basket because of the rejects on top of it from the morning. Eventually the clean rejects fall to the floor and mingle with the dirties which in turn makes me wash ALL of the clothes instead of just the dirties. Sighhh.

B) (Pink moldy shower) Sadly, this is true, but I'm happy to know that most people don't think that I'm this messy/lazy. I loathe cleaning the shower, and will wait until one of two things happen before doing it: 1) People are coming over or 2) Pink mold appears. I call it my PP rule. Not really, I just made that up. See! I'm really good at this lying thing!

C) (Sledge hammered desk) This is also true. We did try to give it to a couple of people first, but, when they didn't want it we decided that to save ourselves the trouble and the possible messed-up walls, we'd demolish it!

Group 3: Food Pickiness

A) (Wheat Breaditis) This is the lie! While many other food pickinesses of mine are kinda out there, this one is not one of them. I just made this up off the top of my head...I don't actually know anyone crazy enough to fall into this category. But APPARENTLY some of y'all thought I was this crazy. Hmph!

B) (Salsa chunkitis) Very true. I realize that the contents are identical whether blended or not, but chunks just don't go down the same. I'm a smoooooth kinda girl - whether we're talking peanut butter, salsa, or my legs in the summertime. Now the wintertime legs are a different story!

C) (Non bun length hot dogitis) This is also true. It's such an ingenius idea to make sure that each bite has the correct ratio of bun to dog, that I'm surprised more people don't take after me in doing this! Try it, you'll see!

So, with that being said, the correct answers were C, A, and A (which also could have been found by highlighting the last line of that blog post...hehehe), and the winner is:

MY SISTER CHRISTY with a whopping total score of 1! Way to go Christy!

Unfortunately, the all expenses paid trip around the world was only to be awarded to anyone that had 2 or more correct answers. So, in this case your prize is the following shout-out:


I'll continue to perfect my lying in my daily life in order to keep the game alive. Better luck next time, guys.


Christy said...

I won! I won!

I almost picked the spreadsheet as a lie, so I guess I lost the world trip :-(

Maybe next time!

Joy said...

Wow, you are a really great liar!! LOL!!!