Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 2: Fudge Pot

This is the second day of 'Lacey's More Funner 30 Days of Blogging' which I talked about here. I'm pretty sure I'm just setting myself up to fail, but I'll give it a try!


I'm not much of a cook. I mainly only cook on holidays and when John begs hard enough. I'm more of a baker, which goes along with my inherited sweet tooth. We all tend to love desserts, candy, cookies, ice cream, etc. Which is why it's no surprise that my favorite recipe is something in the sweet category.

On top of loving sweets, what I love even more is chocolate. & when there is no candy stash to raid, or cookies to eat, John and I both have a way of curing a chocolate craving. He goes for the leftover (store-bought) chocolate icing jar in the fridge. Just dips his finger in and licks it clean. He thinks I don't notice, but I know the difference between spoon dips and finger dips.

Me though, I'm a little more high maintenance when it comes to finding some chocolate. I like to make what my Mama dubbed as a "Fudge Pot." I'm not exactly sure where she got the idea, but she's been making them for as long as I can remember. So many times, I can remember her trying to sneak and make herself a pot, when 2 little noses (those would be mine and my brother's) caught wind of the smell and came wandering in to share the fudge pot with her.

And, just to show you how dedicated I am to this blog, I'm going to make myself a half-batch for dinner (yes, AS my dinner) tonight so I can take pictures for you lovely folks. Now that's dedication.

Let's not waste any time fellow chocolate is "The Fudge Pot."

You start by gathering these ingredients:

4 TBSP Butter
1 1/2 TBSP Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
3 TBSP Milk
Powdered Sugar

Turn the burner on lowish medium, and melt the butter.

After melted, add the cocoa powder...

...and whisk until well blended. [SIDE NOTE: if for some reason you splash a drop or so out of the pot during blending, it is not such a good idea to wipe the drip up with your finger and lick it clean. You have not added any sugar at this point and the chocolate is UNsweetened. Not that I did that or anything...]

Keep stirring until the concoction separates a bit and looks like this:

Then add the milk:

And re-stir until blended.

Now, the fun part. Start adding powdered sugar. How much? I don't really know. & I should be one to talk cause I hate recipes that just say "add to your liking," but here, you are just adding sugar and continuing to stir until it gets a certain thickness about it.

When you think you have it, you should be able to pick up the pot and roll the thickish chocolate around the edges of the pot like so:

It should be a slowwww roll.

Then, add a drop of two of vanilla and voila.....Fudge Pot!

Now, this is the very most important part: Get a tall glass of milk, set the pot on a trivet, grab a spoon and sit on the counter or table while eating it. It's imperative, I tell you!

When we were little, not only would the Mama share her fudge pot with us, but we'd ALWAYS get to sit on the table to eat it...double treat for us!

All that's left is this: Enjoy!

(I did...and I finished it in the record time of 2.37 minutes. Mmmmmmm, chocolate.)

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Joy said...

Thanks for sharing! I have never made a fudge pot believe it or not but tonight I shall make one (after the girls go to bed because if they get wind of it, I'll be making one EVERY night like Mama had too! LOL!)