Monday, June 21, 2010

2 Truths & 1 Lie

Today, we'll play 2 Truths, 1 Lie. Try and guess which story in each group is the lie and if you get the most right I'll give you a prize. What kind of prize? Well, maybe just a shout-out type of prize, but you never know. It could be an all expenses paid vacation around the world!

Group 1: Bodily functions

A) On a long walk back to our hotel room on our honeymoon, I simply couldn't hold it any longer and took a pee break in some grass along a sidewalk. There is also photo evidence of this event.

B) One afternoon after some drinking the night before, I decided to get some McDonald's. I felt completely fine and had no hint of a hangover whatsoever, but, when the I got to the first drive-thru window to pay, the window opened and the french fry/fried food scents lingered into my car. Which in turn caused me to then puke on myself between that window and the next. I would've at least opened the door but I was too close to the building to get my door open enough. One of my finest moments.

C) On one of my very first days of preschool, we were all playing a get to know you game and going around the table telling our names and our favorite things to play. I had a slight cold at the time and was trying my best not to sneeze because my turn was coming up. When the teacher finally called my name and said it was my turn, I sneezed a sneeze so big that snot came out of my nose in one long string and reached from my nose all the way to the table. It was a really great way to make new friends!

Group 2: Around the House

A) My clothing OCDness has hit a new high (low?). Now, on top of still having my spreadsheet which is updated daily, I also have now added shoes and jewelry to the spreadsheet, along with setting up a nice rotation in my closet which makes things easier in the mornings. Instead of having to reference the spreadsheet on the computer, I just hung everything up in the reverse order of when it was last worn (based on the season), and pick the next shirt in the front to wear each morning.

B) Currently, my bathtub is so dirty that the pink mold (ya know, that stuff that shows up only when something is really dirty) is rampant. I need to call in a bathroom cleaning crew, stat.

C) When we started to clean out the guest room to make a nursery while I was still pregnant, we decided we no longer wanted the giant monstrosity of a computer desk we owned. It was in good condition and could have very well be donated or given to someone who might need it. But, it was very difficult to get the desk up the stairs when we moved in, and John was not looking forward to carrying it back down the stairs and possibly messing up the freshly painted stairway walls. So instead, we took to it with a sledge hammer, broke it into a million pieces and threw it away.

Group 3: Food Pickiness

A) I know that whole wheat bread is better for you than white bread and I try to eat that as much as possible. But, I will ONLY eat it if it doesn't have those little grainy sesame-seed like things all over the crust. If I order wheat bread in a restaurant and it comes out with those seedy things all over it, I will pick them all off before eating.

B) Mexican is by far my favorite cuisine, which naturally means I love salsa. However, salsa with too many chunks is just not doable. I will take chunky salsa and put it into a blender for a few seconds so that the chunks get smaller before I will eat it. I realize that it's the exact same thing, but I can't take the texture of the chunks.

C) When eating a hot dog that is not the same length as the bun, I am careful to have any bites of bun alone. I start the hot dog closer to the end that I am going to be eating from. After each bite, I slide the hot dog back a little more in the bun until the amount of hot dog left equals the amount of bun left, at which point I can stop all hot dog maneuvering and eat the hot dog like a normal person.

And for good measure, I'll throw in one more "liar" picture just for fun:

Now, make your guesses in the comment section and I'll let you know the answers ASAP! Good luck!

Answers: Group 1: C, Group 2: A, Group 3: A


Joy said...

Oh how fun!!

Ok # 1- b
# 2- b
# 3- c

LOVE the last liar pic! LOL!!

Susan Kunder said...

Without even seeing Joy's answers first, that is what I decided also!
If perhaps..the one with puking at McDonald's is true that is bad, but unfortunatly I have one that tops it :-0

Christy said...

Ok, then I'll say b,b,a.

I almost cried I laughed so hard at the first set.