Tuesday, May 25, 2010

U-Turn: Back To Bed

Happy Tuesday!

Actually, so far it's been not so happy...rather frustrating. And I decided (without my lovely employer's consent, mind you) that I would most definitely be able to turn this into a Happy Tuesday if I just did a U-Turn and went back to bed.


But alas.

This morning consisted of this:

I had my semi-annual dermatologist appointment at the hour of 8 o'clock which consisted of rolling around on a padded table in my undies, again. I normally have to be at work at the same time (8:00), but for some reason thought I could at least get about 10 extra minutes of sleep this morning. I mean, what's the point of being allowed to be late to work if you don't get extra sleep, right?

When I did finally leave my house I realized that I had no cash to pay to park when I got to work, since I would not be taking the train today. So I added one additional stop to my already rushed trek to the doctor: the ATM.

Since it requires $5 cash to park, and the ATM only spits out twenties, I decided I'd get out $40 and use the cash to pay for my copay ($25), which would leave me with a fiver to pay to park. Genius idea, right?

I then rushed to the doctor and arrived 9 minutes late. Oops. But, I got called back right away so I technically just saved myself 9 minutes of sitting in the waiting room with nothing to do because I forgot to bring a book. Score 1 point for me!

After the appointment I went to pay my copay when I was told that they had no change because hardly anyone pays in cash. Are you serious?? So I whipped out the debit card and paid that way and came up with the next plan to break my twenty.

I pass a Burger King on the way from the doctor's office to my office, so I decided I'd purchase a soda because not too much else sounds too appetizing to me from the ol' BK...not my fave place. A Dr. Pepper sounded great, so that's what I ordered. Took a sip of my drink and discovered I'd gotten a Coke instead. Sigh.

On the way to the parking lot I usually park in, I passed another lot which is also only $5 and is closer. Great! I'll park here. Took my $5 and walked up to the pay station.

This new fancy schmancy parking lot did not look like that at all, and now takes debit/credit cards. Freaking figures. Have I mentioned I hate Tuesdays?

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Joy said...

LOL!! That is how I felt the other day when we ate lunch with you, no cash so I ended up paying $1 more for the deck! UGH! It's about time they upgraded those dumb cash boxes!!
My favorite part about Dr. Wackamole is getting all twisted up in the paper night gown! LOL!!