Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Mama!

Today my beautiful and loving Mama turns....another year older. :)

She is my best friend and I talk to her almost daily about everything...last month it was 314 minutes to be exact!

I call her from the grocery store when I don't know where to find something.

I call her from Home Depot when I can't figure out what plants to buy.

I call her (often) from the kitchen when I have my frequent cooking struggles.

My Mama knows everything!

Give me any other day and I can tell you 1,000 stories about how great and wonderful she is. She is so selfless and giving and caring and I honestly couldn't ask for any more. But, when I'm trying to pick one story to tell that epitomizes who my mama is, it's near impossible. You'll just have to believe me when I say she is the most super-de-duper greatest, wondefulest, bestest ever! EVER! Really, she is!

I hope you had a wonderful birthday dear Mama! I love you bunches and bunches! I need you to write me a guide book on how to be the perfect mama, cause you've got it down pat and I can only hope to do the same one day.

Put on your party hat and have an awesome birthday!



Joy said...

Love it!! She is the greatest Mama ever and I strive to be like her too although I know I can never match her wonderfulness :-)

Jean said...

What a great tribute! I know that my Susan calls me daily, usually more than once a day asking questions and telling stories and I LOVE it. I love all my daughters and wish for them the best of health and happiness.