Thursday, May 20, 2010

Garage Sales Spring 2010

The family & I have had a lovely garage sale season this year! We got a late start, but have been going each Saturday morning for the past several weeks and have gotten tons of great stuff!

Wanna see what I've gotten so far?

Well, at first I was still pregnant so I was interested in seeing what I could find for baby. I must have had an inkling that something wasn't right, because even though sisters and the mama were showing me awesome deals on baby stuff, I kept telling them I wasn't ready to purchase anything.

BUT, a couple of times I caved.

I got for baby:

3 grocery bags FULL of nice baby clothes, for $1/bag! A church sale had tons of baby clothes for sale and would sell you a grocery bag for $1 that you could fill with as many clothes as you like. How could I have turned this deal down?! And since my brother is also expecting a baby, we figured someone would get use out of the clothes, boy or girl. For $3, I'm pretty sure one of us will get our moneys worth!

A baby wipe warmer for $2. Don't know what convinced me to buy this random item when I wasn't ready to buy anything else yet.

A giant white basket ($2) that will be put to some use one day in a nursery.

For the house, I got:

This stained glass window ($5) that is currently hanging over the sink to see how I like it, but I'm not sure of it's permanent home just yet.

In case the stained glass window gets the boot, most likely what will be going up in it's place is this window ($5)...which the mama originally bought, but then I purchased from her.

These little metal pear hangy things ($.25/each)...not yet in use but will go somewhere in the kitchen.

These stick leaves ($1/each) to be hung in our half bath.

These brand new curtains ($5), which I'm thinking the lady that sold these must have been a closet curtain thief cause she had an entire table full of new curtains still in the package...awfully suspicious, but I'll take em! (Yes, they still need to be ironed...I got too excited when I got them and put them up to see how they'd look and have yet to take them back down to iron them!)

These white candle holder thingies ($1/each), which appropriately filled empty spaces on my new bookshelf and shelf.

This ultra convenient drying rack ($2), so I will no longer need to use every chair in our house as a drying station. (Yes, I realize the dryer has thrown up in the background...that's what happens when you have 2 minutes to find some pants to wear before running out of the door in the morning.)

This lovely springtime wreath ($3):

Yet another pumpkin ($1) for fall/Halloween decorating.

Some Christmas beadage ($.50), to wrap around the banister for Christmas decorating:

These 2 little candle holder things ($.25/each), which I decided I didn't like where I intended for them to go, so if you want them...they're yours!

For me I got:

This book ($.25) that I started reading at the beach this past weekend, and haven't been able to put down:

These bracelets ($.25/each)

For the kitchen:

A cheese grater ($.25)...ya never know when you might need one!

A mini Pampered Chef Micro-cooker ($1):

A Pyrex food keeper-warmer carrier thingy ($1):

For outside:

These three wrought iron hanging baskets...$3 EACH! I am probably most excited about these because a few days before I bought these at a garage sale, I had purchased some similar (but not quite as nice) ones from Home Depot for $14 each! So I bought these and promptly returned the others! Sa-weet!

Some new gardening gloves ($.25) which I've already put to good use!
A beach chair ($2) that just needs some TLC:

For our camping trip coming up over Memorial Day weekend, we needed 1) a tent and 2) sleeping bags. At one sale, we found 5 sleeping bags for $3/each and they ended up throwing in a tent for $5 more! They had only been used once, so I kept 2 and my mama kept the rest!

So, in total, $53.75 for all this stuff. Makes it difficult when I go into a regular store and have to pay full price for something...can't beat a garage sale price!

If the weather cooperates on Saturday, that should be the last garage-saling day of the spring and we'll have to wait until the fall to start back up. This weekend I'm looking to find a nice purse with a couple thousand dollars inside, and I'd be willing to pay $.50. Wish me luck!


Joy said...

Love it!!! I SO LOVE garage sales (even though the getting up early part is NOT easy). I got a drying rack too! Yay!!

Claudia said...

Wow, seems like you got a whole lot of good stuff for great prices!! I love garage saling!! i just went last weekend here in Edmonton, Alberta and I got a bunch of really nice things. My best finds are purses and really cheap but nice shoes for my daughter and me. Love your curtains! And I watched the movie for that book and it was GREAT! haha. Have a good one:)

The Melton's said... inspired me to hit up a few sales this weekend! We found some great little treasures for our little guy!
I must say, you did much better than us. Love the new things!

Kimberly said...

I have one of those pampered chef pots, that I use ALL the time. You will get a lot of use out of it.