Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

When it comes to ranking holidays, Easter is right up there with the best:

1. Christmas
2. July 4th
3. Easter
4. Halloween
5. Thanksgiving

& as usual, we had a most lovely Easter with my family again this year.

Every year, we do a big lunch and then spend the afternoon finding Easter eggs and enjoying the weather.

I don't know how Easter Egg hunting works with most families, but ours is a wee bit competitive. This year, we first let the kiddos have a turn finding eggs, with no adults allowed.

It's only fair, because after the kiddies are done, the adults take things a little bit more seriously.
Pushing, shoving, hair pulling - it's all allowed. But, just in case things get a little out of control, we had Christy step in as referee this year.

She WOULD'VE blown the whistle had she seen a certain mother ALLEGEDLY shove a feeble pregnant daughter trying to get an Easter egg first. Allegedly.

(and let the record show that certain daughter STILL got the fought-over Easter egg.)

But with that egg or not, my calculations show that I was victorious, as always. There's always next year guys.

(hey, it's my blog. if i want to say I won, I can do that. until you provide me proof otherwise, my calculations stand. any questions, please contact my attorney. thank you.)

Hope you had a wonderful Easter too!


Christy said...

I didn't realize I had an official position. I feel so honored!

Joy said...

No way, you SO lost!!! I'm not afraid of your disclaimer either! LOL!! That "referree" sure plays rough! (see exhibit a ;-)) I call foul on that one!!