Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quitters Never Prosper

Every time someone says the word quitter, my brain/mouth go into cruise control and automatically say "quitters never prosper!". Why? Because I'm a dork, but that's besides the point.

But the irony of it is, I have quit just about everything I've ever started. So why am I dishing out advice that I don't even abide by myself?

In my life, I have quit:

- my very first job at Carowinds theme park. I worked through training, and then ONE measly day and just never went back. I really only remember dumping the leftover hot dog chili into a dumpster and flies swarming me. I think that's what scarred me!

- my 3rd job at AMC movie theaters. I worked there a bit longer than a day; more like 9-10 months. But I decided to quit around Thanksgiving/Christmas because the movie theaters do not close on holidays! Work on Thanksgiving and Christmas? No thanks!

- my 4th job at Kids R Us. I'm pretty sure I got mad at a manager at this place and just quit. Sheesh, temper, temper.

(luckily, I am quite the loyal employee these days. those were all when I was young and dumb.)
(and NO, I'm not still dumb.)

- marching band in high school. I was already a dork, and band was just making me even dorkier, or so I thought. Turns out it was just my dorky personality all along!

- college. 2 years in I decided I needed to quit, re-evaluate and figure out what I wanted to do. (I took a year off but did go back and finish up.)

- making the Europe scrapbook I started immediately after my 2007 trip. Our trip went from Rome, to Venice, to Lucerne, Switzerland, to Paris and finally to London. My scrapbook went from Rome to Venice and that is all. Pa. The. Tic.

- drinking. Yes, I quit drinking after every miserable hangover; "I am NEVER drinking again." And then, the next weekend or so, I quit NOT drinking. :)

And the thing I am best at quitting: any/all diet or exercise programs.

I never had to worry about diet or exercise from the year of my birth, 1982, all the way until about 2005. At that point, we were living (in sin) in an apartment complex that had a gym for use by the residents. John taught me how to exercise, and I did really good for about 4 months. And then it quit. I believe my excuse was that it was getting too hot outside to exercise.

Then, I took a little exercise hiatus until about 2009. The year I was to get married.

So 3 1/2 months before the wedding I signed up for Weight Watchers and lost 20 pounds before I got married.

And then, in January I quit. I quit the only thing that had ever worked for me.

But 4 weeks later I decided I needed to sign back up and would you believe they made me pay the $30 enrollment fee again?!

But I guess that's what I get. So now I'm doing really well with that again AND, in case I wanted to ensure my eventual quit, I am simultaneously doing the Couch to 5k program.

I am LOVING it! This is my second week and I'm only running 90 seconds at a time this week, but for a non-athlete that's a stinkin' lot! And I have been able to get through every 30 minute workout from beginning to end. That's a lot for me!

(In contrast to that, John had me try one of his P90x workouts one time and I made it through the warm-up and about 5.4897 minutes of the actual workout. So yeah, I'm a little weakling.)

I wanna be able to last the entire 9 weeks, I really do. But how do I quit, well, being a quitter?

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Joy said...

LOL!!! How funny! It must run in the family, I am a quitter too :-) Great job on the workout, i need to start that myself!!