Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Submission to Mr. Webster

Dear Mr. Webster,

I have a wonderful example for you to include in your dictionary under "lazy". Sometimes, examples with pictures are useful when trying to accurately define a word. I really believe these pictures are the epitome of laziness and will be of great use to the users of the dictionary. No need to thank me; I am only doing my part.



I really wish I could take real pictures, but I don't want to take pictures of someones house to put on display for the entire internets. So instead, as I have done before, I'll recreate these images to the best of my ability. And my ability is quite great, if I do say so myself.

Two weekends ago, February 28th, to be exact, I began my Couch to 5k running program. I prefer to run in a neighborhood near my own that has very little traffic and very few hills. As I was running this day, I came to a obstacle in my path...a strand of Christmas lights were dangling from the tree they were once in, and were stretched out across the sidewalk I was running on. All of the bulbs had shattered, leaving glass everywhere. Luckily, I was wearing shoes this particular day so I had no issues getting around the glass.

However, seeing the Christmas lights on this tree, 65 days post-Christmas no less, led me to look at the house. I was not surprised to still see the icicle lights hanging on the house.

So here we are on the first day I noticed the laziness:

Day 2 was exactly the same as Day 1, no change from before, and again I was lucky to be running in shoes again because the glass was still shattered everywhere. Whew!

Day 3 however, 6 days after the first sighting on Saturday March 6th, it was as if they could hear my thoughts when I ran by the first day. A ladder had appeared and the icicle lights were now halfway removed from the house. The homeowner must have just run in for a sandwich or something because they were no where in sight. It was probably very tiresome to remove one strand of lights from the tree and half of the icicle lights from the house. I would have been hungry too!

They did not, however, think it was necessary to sweep up the broken glass.

Days 4 and 5 I noticed the ladder was still leaning up against the house. But Saturday's lunch must have turned into an all day affair because the project was never completed. I thought to myself, "it is very dangerous to leave a ladder leaning up against your house when there are so many kids in this neighborhood!"

But not to worry! They must have thought the same thing about the safety issue, because days 6 and 7 looked like this:

They have managed to lay the ladder down on it's side, but there is still shattered glass all over the sidewalk and half a strand of icicle lights are still dangling.

Seriously people? I really hope there is a good explanation for this. But something tells me that since they didn't even bother to begin to undecorate until March 6th that this is just an example of laziness.

I hope hope hope that I never have neighbors like this. Maybe for the sake of these people's neighbors, next time I'm running by I'll do a little detour and run up the ladder, yank off the remaining lights and then continue on my run. What do ya think??

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Joy said...

Ok, my comment didn't post before so here it goes again.... Your pictures are hilarious!! Such talent!! I also hate so bad when people leave their Christmas wreath on their door too long!! ARGH!!