Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Joy!

One of my hopes for my blog for 2010 was to remember to do a birthday post for my family and friends on their birthdays. So far I have posted ZERO birthday blogs, and I've missed 2 friends and 1 family member. Next year guys, next year.

However, my dear sister Joy's birthday was just yesterday. So while it might be odd to post a birthday blog about my friends birthday that was 2 full months ago, a day late won't be so bad.

So, this is Joy:

She is an awesome sister and my #1 blog fan! Lemme tell you a bit about her:

1. She's one of my two older sisters, and was the baby in the family until I came along. So our relationship may have started with her being a tad bit bitter over me coming along...

2. Which I'm sure is the reason she liked to pick on me when I was just a young, innocent, sweet little girl.

3. For example, when I was around 4 years old, she told me I was too skinny to come outside because I would get blown away from the wind,

4. So every time I went out I was holding on to the swing set so I wouldn't fly away! Wow, so she pretty much ruined all of my outside playtime for the entire age of 4!

5. & then, when I got over that, she told me that whenever a bird flew over my head I would get the chicken pox,

6. So then I was outside running and ducking from any possible fowl flyovers!

7. Our neighbors must have thought I was such a strange little girl when I was outside playing.

8. In high school, we used to have to change into gym clothes for gym class.

9. I didn't have any cool gym clothes.

10. But sister Joy across the hall did! She had really cool NEON YELLOW Umbro shorts!

11. I used to "borrow" them often. And so often, that sweet Joy left a note for me in her drawer one day that said something along the lines of "STAY OUT LACEY". How did she know it was me!?

12. Joy is a major germaphobe.

13. Has probably single-handedly kept the anti-bacterial companies in business.

14. She also cannot stand to drink after someone, ESPECIALLY if they used a straw. But, has gotten a little better about that since her kids have come along.

15. She is NOT a morning person.

16. On Christmas morning, my brother and I would always wake up first and fight over who had to be the one to wake up Joy. How could anyone possibly wake up grumpy on Christmas?!

17. Joy could.

18. Gosh, this list isn't turning out very sweet for it to be a birthday post. But she is sweet too...

19. Once, when I was a little girl I was woken up by some growling noises outside my window and wandered in to teenager Joy's room where she was still awake, laying in bed, and chatting on the phone with one of her friends.

20. She just thought I was hearing things, but let me crawl in her bed with her while she stayed on the phone since I was scared.

21. But then she heard the growling too and went and woke up our parents.

22. I wish I could remember the ending to the story to tell you, but I cannot. I think it was a dog? Sorry to keep you hanging, but my memory fails me!

23. She also did my hair for my junior prom.

24. & did a great job!

25. So see, she's sweet too!

26. (I'm sure there's more, but again, the memory...)

27. But most of all, she is just a great sister, sister-in-law, wife, aunt, daughter, mama and friend.

28. & I wish her the very best!

29. Love, Lacey


Joy said...

Wow, that was so sweet Lacey... NOT :-) I did laugh out loud at your memories because my memory is horrible and I didn't remember those things! Oh and I can explain the morning grumpiness... I have LOW blood pressure and hypothyroidism :-) Hard to wake up!! LOL!! I'm so glad (now) that you are my little sis, but I do admit that after 8 years of it being all about me, it was hard to adjust :-)

Betsy McK said...

LOL, again funny! I remember the neon Umbro shorts. Mine were neon pink on one side and bright blue on the other!
I also refuse to drink after anyone, you never know when they are sick, especially the little germ carrying kiddos :o).
She is definitely a great friend!!!

Joy said...

Awww! Betsy, you are sweet!! I remember your neon umbros!!! how funny!!

Kim said...

I am LMAO about the blowing in the wind, and the birds giving chicken pox. To think up these things. :-)