Sunday, December 6, 2009

Trimming the Tree

I've never actually understood that phrase, "trimming the tree." To me, trimming would be the people on the tree farm that cut the branches and "trim" it to make it the perfect shape. So why is it trimming the tree if no scissors or hedge clippers were involved? I may never know.

This year we had plans to go to the mountains to cut down our own tree on a tree farm. After that we were going to go snow tubing...something I have never done before. (We don't get much snow in North Carolina!) But sadly the weather forecast for yesterday (when we were going to go) didn't look too great so we cancelled the plans. So we went to the next best tree farm we could find, Lowe's.
John and I had a pretty difficult time making a decision on the perfect tree. We did have this one realllly fat tree picked out, but I didn't like the shape of it. If the shape I was going for was a rectangle instead of a triangle, this may have been the perfect tree:

But it was not. While John made me stand guard at this tree, he went and found another that was perfect. And that was that.

For the first time in our 6 years together, John helped decorate the tree. I'm really not thinking it will ever happen again, but I did enjoy it while it lasted.

Even Reese got into the Christmas spirit!

Now our house smells so lovely and the cats hang out under/in the tree all day so they smell lovely too.
And just so Tuna isn't left out of this post, here he is in this picture from outside the front door. He is that white blob, and I can't tell if he's walking to or from the tree. He's quite fluffy these days compared to then.
Merry Christmas!

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Joy said...

Beautiful tree! I think just maybe your reject tree is the one that we got!!! LOL!!! It is FAT and not as tall as we wanted but the best they had :-)