Thursday, December 17, 2009

An invention of sorts

(Disclaimer: While cute, this is NOT my cat Reese. And definitely not my mismatched bed.)

In the winter time, it is very important to me to have proper coverage in our bed. This involves a sheet, warm blanket, and comforter, in that order. I like the heaviness of it all in the winter, and then we remove the warm blanket for the spring and summer time when I like sleeping with a lighter coverage. This is my blanket formula, and it is not to be disturbed...or I will seriously be disturbed.

All was fine and dandy until here recently. John (my loving, loving hubby) has decided that he is now a mover in his sleep. And we all know what movers do, right? They cause cover catastrophes, that's what they do. And I am completely against catastrophes of any nature.

This particular catastrophe involves the stealing of just one blanket, but the most important of all the blankets, the comforter. You see, if the sheet were to get tangled and I'm left with only the warm blanket and the comforter, I'm pretty sure I'd be okay. The warmth is still there, and as long as the tangled mess of sheet isn't touching me, I wouldn't even know the difference. But the comforter however, the comforter provides the weight and the thickness that I need in my perfect sleep formula. And when the comforter goes awry, sleep is disturbed.

John has been stealing the comforter, to put it simply. All of a sudden I awake and realize the thickness of covers beneath my arms is not at the appropriate width. At this point I yank some comforter back and head back to dreamland.

(Whew, this is getting long-winded, let me get to the point...)

So this went on for a few nights, and me, being the Mrs. Fix It that I am, decided to take action. I wasn't going to be walked all over anymore. I invented The Cover Clipper.

What's that you say? It looks like a hair clip has been accidentally stowed in our bed? No, no, you see...
THAT, my friends, is The Cover Clipper. And I will guarantee 100% that it works. Tested and proven.

And I know what you are thinking. What about the plastic in your face all night? Well, I haven't worked out all the kinks yet, but weigh the pros and cons here... plastic in your face vs. stolen covers. Is there really any question?

I'll begin taking pre-orders immediately. You cannot find this in stores. Get yours fast...they make great gifts!


Joy said...

Oh my gosh!! Talk about a mover, Danny is the WORST!! If I have the bed made, it will last one day and the sheet will end up completely off the bed!!! Ugh! I need to order one of those please. Problem is that I will end up with a wrinkled mess of a sheet around me if I get one. Hmmmm, what a dilemma!! Can you think of a way to make it less prickly?? :-)

Christy said...

I too am a cover Nazi! Not only do I want all the covers on me, They have to be even. I don't like it when there is more of one blanket hanging off the edge of the bed than another. Can your clip help with this also?