Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The best part of waking up... NOT Folgers in my cup!

I'm not a coffee drinker. I absolutely love the smell of coffee, but the smell is deceiving because that junk does not taste like it smells. Smells sweet and tastes can that be??

But, I feel a little left out at work. Recently a coffee club was started in our department because apparently the coffee provided by our company doesn't suffice. So each person in this club takes turns bringing in "good" coffee, something better than the free stuff that is provided. So when this club was started I had to decline the request to join because I don't like coffee. But I figured I could change that.

Black Friday was last week, and as usual, my sisters, Mom and I decided we should go shopping at the convenient hour of 4 a.m. The night before, I thought I might need some assistance waking up and sought John's help to convert me to a coffee drinker. He made a pot of coffee for us, poured me a cup, and suggested appropriate amounts of cream and sugar. I got our brand new coffee mugs (wedding gift, thanks!) out of the cabinet and was pretty excited to turn this corner.

I have a baby mouth, so I waited a while to let it cool off. (Mistake #1?) But when I finally tasted it, my face couldn't deny it.

Disgusting! I decided (against John's suggestion) that I just needed more sugar. So I added more. was a no go. I still hated it. My attempt to join the coffee drinkers worldwide had failed.

I realize that coffee is an acquired taste, and if I don't keep trying I may never succeed. It worked for beer (and then some), so why can't it work for coffee??

Which brings us to today. Coffee Club (CC, we'll call them) made a delicious smelling pot of coffee this morning. Really smelled like something I would like. I asked my dear friend Katie if she would assist me in making a cup, since she is such an expert coffee drinker herself. She obliged, and made me a half cup of something she called french roast, added cream and sugar, and as she was doing this I noticed that the elite CC now even had cinnamon at the coffee station! Perfect, I thought! I love anything cinnamon! So Katie graciously dumped in enough to fill the grand canyon spooned in a bit (mistake #2?). "Today, I would become a member of CC", I thought.

Well, the verdict is, it's still disgusting! But I really love the smell of it so I've left it on my desk all morning so I can enjoy the only good thing about it, the smell.

Someone help me. How do I get over this? What am I missing cause it seems the rest of the world knows a secret that my taste buds are clearly not in on. Any ideas?


Kathleen said...

I'm sorrrry. I'll do a better job mixing next time :-/

Joy said...

add a lot more milk or creamer! It takes some of the bite out of it until you acquire a taste for it :-)

Kelly said...

FUNNY! I was the same way, then I got used to the taste (and now I am a non-coffee drinker again!) but to get used to it, Garet and i buy the French Vanilla creamer - it's usually right next to the milk in the grocery store. It makes the coffee taste LOTS better :)