Friday, October 9, 2009


Preface: Dear blog, I'm sorry I've been M.I.A. recently. I haven't broken up with you. I just have been cheating on you with my recent hobby, wedding planning. Don't worry, things will get back to normal in 15 days. Err, actually 15 days til the wedding, then another 8 days for the honeymoon, so 23 days. Promise.

I met my Weight Watchers goal this morning! 15 pounds gone! On the Weight Watchers plan, once you meet your goal it switches over to a maintenance plan, where it helps you to maintain your new weight. Fine and dandy and all, but I feel like I could stand to lose a few more ell bees. So I went to change my goal to lose an additional 10 pounds and Weight Watchers said NO! It says that if I lost 10 more pounds I'd be 5 pounds below my healthy weight range for my height. Bologna!

(Side story: I know a lot of men have troubles spelling, and most don't care. But John actually does care and will ask me how to spell something if he's unsure. Wednesday, he needed to spell the word "bologna" for whatever reason, and asked me the spelling. I was SHOCKED that he didn't know how to spell that! I mean, it has a song and everything..."my bologna has a first name, it's O-S-C-A-R...".)

I then tried to cheat Weight Watchers and tell it that I had shrunk one inch, hoping that it would then allow me to lose those extra 5 ell bees. For some ridiculous reason, it wouldn't let me adjust my height. So it's telling me that my waist, bust, thighs, arms, etc. can change size and not my height? Unbelievable.

My new goal according to Weight Watchers is to lose 5 pounds. But between you and me, I'm gonna lose 10. Don't tell on me, I don't wanna get kicked outta the club.


Kelly said...

Wow - 15 more days! Yay! Congrats again - can't wait to see your wedding pictures =) If you don't get on here again - have FUN!!

Joy said...

That is truly awesome Lacey! I can't believe it won't let you lose anymore!! How funny is that! You are super skinny so WW is probably right :-)