Thursday, July 23, 2009

Please stop your worrying, I'm right here

I know it's been almost a full month since I last blogged and after getting so many emails, phone calls, text messages and letters (a total of 0,000,000 to be exact) I decided to come back and let everyone know I was A-OK.

While I'm here though...

- 93 days left until our wedding. While I have gotten a few things done since then, I still am lacking some major things...for example: food, alcohol, and clothing for the entire bridal party. But those are kind of like last minute things you book right??? Righhhhtt. This may be the reason I am absent from the blogging world...I am starting to panic! PANIC I TELL YOU.

- I went to the beach a few weeks ago with the whole fam damily. (I've always wanted an excuse to say 'fam damily'!) It was a great time. If I'm feeling extra generous today, perhaps I will post a lil somethin somethin about it.

- John and I were once again invited to the best place on Earth for the 4th this year. It was as fun as it always is, however John and I didn't have as fun as usual because one of my evil siblings decided to give us both a summer cold. But she means well, that sister. :)

- Almost every day I come up with the best ideas to blog about on my 8 mile drive home. However, once I get home I forget what I thought of. Speaking of forgetting, I want to go ahead and document that at age 27, I am having major memory problems. Just so when I finally go to a doctor and he asks, "When did this all start?", I can pull out my iPhone, find my blog and tell him the exact day. Hopefully I'll remember I documented it here. Any tips on how to fix my memory?

- Well, if there was anything else I was going to tell the www, I've now forgotten.

Happy Thursday!

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