Thursday, July 23, 2009

Arrrr, Pirateland

The family and I spent a week in Myrtle Beach at our favorite campground, Pirateland. In honor of Pirateland, let me turn on me pirate speak.

We got thar early in th' mornin' after drivin' through th' nightfall.

So early, our campsite twas not ready 'n we had to wait in th' parkin' lot 'n put grub in me gullet thar.

Thar was a lot o' fishin' all week...

Th' wee lasses with Granddaddy:

Th' scurvy dog I be goin' to marry :

Th' wee jim laddie:

'n shiver me timbers! Look at me brother:

It was too steamin' to do much durin' th' day, but...

Cap'n Chris 'n Seth took out th' scurvy pirate ship:

Th' whole lot 'o us went t' put grub in our gullets...
Yo-ho-ho, me hearties :
and we took out th' jollyboats.

But b'fore long it twas time to weigh anchor and hoist the sails. But no worries scallywags, we'll be back next year!


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Kathleen said...

very impressive pirate talk