Thursday, June 25, 2009

Desultory Ideas

2 posts in one day when I've only posted 3 times for the whole rest of June!? What has come over me!?

(If you are running to your dictionary to look up 'desultory', don't. I really wanted to say "Random Thoughts", but I really think the word 'random' is overused so I thesaurused it and used a synonym. And then I looked up the pronunciation, and I definitely wasn't pronouncing that one right. If you are pronouncing it dee-sull-tor-ee also, you are wrong. [English class over])
  • I'm getting a hair cut tomorrow. Yippee! I'm thinking I need to do something with these bangs, eh? I was growing them out, but then I saw this picture of me from our engagement pictures when I must have just pushed them over or something, and I decided my forehead definitely needs some coverage. Just a couple of side-swoopies will do, right?
  • At least twice a week, I come home to this on my kitchen counter: That would be a new pack of gum opened, wrapper still laying there and FOUR gum wrappers dispersed about around it. I know John loves gum, but I hope he's not chewing four pieces at once. He's by himself most days at work and I'm not sure if you can Heimlich yourself.

  • I got an iPhone! Yippee! The price finally looked reasonable so I made the switch and am officially a cool person now. I've waited 27 years to be cool. It feels so good.

  • I saw Transformers last night in an IMAX theater. Not impressed by either. But don't take my word for Transformers because I don't like those kind of movies; I just went so I can blackmail John into going to see Up with me on Friday. However, I wouldn't ever see a movie in an IMAX theater again. Maybe I'm spoiled from HD, but that junk was blurry. And way too big. And it made me feel way too close to the screen. And my back hurt. But that could have been from de-weeding my flower beds before we went. I guess I'll never know.

  • I may have mentioned a time or two that I'm going camping next week with my family in my parents' camper. Last night, I talked to my Mama and she mentioned that the a/c went out and my first thought was that it went out on the camper and I thought "ohhh nooo". But then I realize she meant the a/c at her house and I was relieved. I was so ashamed of myself after I realized what I did. I am such a selfish person sometimes! But for the record Mama, I still feel really bad about my first thoughts and hope your a/c gets fixed ASAP.

  • I can't end this blog post with a negative thing about myself, so I'll just remind you that I'm cool now. I am so, so cool.

Happy Desultory Thursday!

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Joy said...

You are soooo cool!!!! We as a Barnes family have always waited until prices were reasonable before we invest in the "newest" thing. Congrats :-) Danny waited so long that someone gave him a new phone that has internet etc!! A Q or something!! Pays to be patient! You are sooooo selfish for thinking that about the ac!! I am TELLING!!! :-)