Thursday, June 25, 2009


I'm leaving for the beach on Sunday and made myself a list of the things I needed to do before I leave. For whatever reason, before I go on vacation I think I need to complete all of the little projects I've been putting off for weeks so that I don't have that left to do when I get back. It makes no sense really, I will have a great time on vacation whether or not I cleaned out my refrigerator or de-weeded my flower beds, but this is how my brain typically works.

I LOVE making lists, and love a CHECKlist even more. I especially like a list on a plain piece of (unwrinkled) white letter paper wrote in a sharp, bold, black sharpie, with little square check boxes for each item so that I can check off things as I do them. Call me feelers won't be hurt. I understand I might be a little anal-retentive sometimes.

So, I made my list and left it on the desk for a day or so because I wasn't finished and wanted to add things as I thought of them. John happened to see my list and decided to add a few things of his own...
So far I have completed the de-weeding of the front flowers, and I Miracle-grew the flowers and garden on my section of the list. On John's section, I have pet both Reese and Tuna. I doubt I will ever get to check off "tell John that he is the best" or "do whatever John says". Which really irritates me because I love a fully check marked checklist.

Reese, who is me in cat form, knew exactly what I thought about John's additions to my list. He wanted me to show you how I feel about it:

Normally I wouldn't condone this behavior of rubbing his boo-tay over my precious lists, but in this case I can't really say anything since it was ruined! And when I go to remake it, I will have to rewrite the things I have already accomplished and then recheck them off. Am I the only crazy list maker out there??

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Joy said...

Ummm, I am so a crazy lister and I would kick John's tail for adding things to my crazy list :-) Mine is in excel and I make changes of general vacation needs and then print it out and proceed to check off all that is complete or write n/a if it is not applicable to this vacation :-) I must have all items officially checked before I leave as well or I will feel SOOOO lost!!! Must run in the family. Now let me tell you about my staging area....