Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'd Do It Again

So I did it. I went to my first Nascar race this weekend and I can actually say I'd do it again. But let's get some things straight first:
  1. Yes, the actual race is very boring. If you, too, have never been to a race and think, "Why is that entertaining at all, there are just a bunch of cars going in circles?", you are correct. Watching some cars take a million left turns did not appeal to me at all. However, with a different situation (and possibly some right turns) I may have thought differently.
  2. If the different situation involved not getting rained (POURED) on for hours, this may help the case.
  3. If the different situation also involved the race not getting cancelled due to rain and it occurred on the original day it was scheduled, which would've been after a full day of tailgating, I think the race and the people watching would have been 10 times better.
  4. The people are really not as redneck as you would think! I expected to come back with some crazy pictures like this:

    ...but I really didn't get any at all! I did get one of this guy that was in the infield in a pair of camouflage overalls (I'm assuming they are overalls and not a dress, which is what it looks like to me in this picture) with no shirt on underneath:

    5. The whole point of the race is the tailgating. That was where all the fun was had, and what made me decide that I would come to another race.
So in conclusion:

Race = Boring
Race + Rain = Cancelled Race

Cancelled Race + Drunk Crazy People = Laundry Detergent Slip 'n Slide:

Jinglejugs = Endless hours of Fun

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