Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's Garage Sale Season!

One of the best things about springtime to me is the beginning of garage sale season! My mom and sisters and I love to get up early on Saturday mornings (well, we don't love the 'early' part) and drive around to garage sales. A lot of people I know have garage sales from time to time, but I honestly don't know of anyone else that actually goes to them.

Check out some of the stuff in my house that came from a garage sale:

These 3 Kirkland's pictures:

This canister set:

These Pier 1 outdoor chairs:
These bar stools:

This wire shelf:

All this stuff:
This Pier 1 kitchen table: These tiles:

This Pottery Barn shelf and other little things:
This painted canvas:
And all of these $1 items:

Not to mention all of the other decor items, kitchen items like cookie sheets, Tupperware, utensils and pots and pans, and seasonal decor! You can find really great stuff at garage sales!

I can honestly say that probably 60-70% of any decor in my house is from a garage sale. And probably 50% of that stuff was all $1!

So I'm obviously a big fan of the garage saling. If I convinced you to go to them, especially if you are going to go to them in the same part of town as me, I'll leave you with these thoughts - "I SAW IT FIRST!" and "PUT IT DOWN, MINE MINE MINE!".


Amy said...

Finally! I've been waiting for this one! :]

The Melton's said...

That's awesome! I always say I'm going to go, but I never manage to get up that early.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday!
I am now inspired to check out the yard sales :) Thanks!