Wednesday, April 8, 2009

If we were to get married tomorrow...

Unfortunately for me, this picture was NOT already censored.

...this is what our wedding would look like.
We decided to just have 2 wedding attendants on each side and 2 flower girls. My two sisters are my matron of honors, my nieces as my flower girls, John will have his friend Doug as his best man and my brother as a groomsmen. Currently, all of us will be naked. Well wait, my friend Stephanie offered to let me borrow her pearl necklace as my "something borrowed" so I will at least have that on. Whew, at least I'll be covered....sorry to the rest of you.

Our guests will be standing.

We will have lovely ceremony music provided by Christine.

I guess John and I better get to work memorizing the vows and all that. We do not have anyone to officiate the wedding. Which really, that will be better anyways right? I get annoyed with all the repeating. Just do your homework and memorize it all people!

After the ceremony, we will have a lovely reception inside with a DJ playing only the Grease Megamix. I guess he'll just put that on repeat? That is the only song I've provided him with that I want to have played. This junk is hard! How do you pick songs that your grandmother won't be offended by, but yet your friends will be entertained by? Any suggestions?

As far as the reception goes, I think we have centerpieces, but we don't have tables, tablecloths, or chairs. We also don't have anything for anyone to eat or drink. I guess we'll spend our time dancing around to the Grease Megamix! It's a great song! That won't get old at all!

Cake cutting? Nope, no cake.

Bouquet toss? Nope, no flowers.

Wedding favors? Will a simple "thank you for coming" work?

But the best part is yet to come. This wonderful, exciting event will be photographed by a very lovely photographer! Hopefully she can find a way to capture our entire event and not miss anything! It will be hard, but I am pretty sure she can do it!

And finally, if you think you will be invited, count this as your save the date. I'm not even sending those out. (And this part is for real.)

So my question to you is, why am I waiting 199 more days for this wedding? I mean, to me it looks like I'm pretty much done with this wedding planning.

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Katie said...

Oh boy. Maybe I'll get ya some blue underwear to wear. Ya know, kill two birds with one stone.