Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dress Shopping

I went wedding dress shopping yesterday with my Mom and sisters.
I really had no ideas on what I wanted the dress to look like. The only requirement was that it made me look skinny. So after we were given the tour of the shop, I just let the three of them go crazy and pick out anything they liked. I tried them allllll on (probably about 20 dresses in all) and had it narrowed down to four.

John reads my blog sometimes so you would think I wouldn't share the pictures of the dresses with you...but like I've said before, we're not very traditional so I figured why not!? Here are the four front runners:





I needed to narrow it down a little bit more so I eliminated two of these four. I eliminated Dress A because it might be a little chilly in October and I didn't want to be cold. Then I eliminated Dress C because I figured the part around my shoulders would prevent me from any eating or drinking. So I'm still SO torn between B and D. So I'll leave it up to you. Which would you choose?

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