Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Do as the Romans Do

In a few weeks, I will be 'doing as the Carolinians do'. I am attending my very first Nascar race. This should be an experience.

Most people know very little about the Carolinas. Actually, scratch that. Very rarely do I say "Carolinas" which automatically groups me (a NORTH Carolinian) with SOUTH Carolinians. Us North Carolinians know we are better than South Carolinians and I shouldn't speak such degrading language. Regardless, don't lie. If you aren't from the Carolinas all you know about us are our approximate location on the map, and that everyone here loves Nascar. Well you are wrong. Everyone here does not love Nascar, I'd say 90% do, but not everyone! But I'm not mad at you. I have quite a few stereotypes myself. For all I know everyone in Wisconsin loves cheese and talks funny, and everyone in California is a liberal hippie. So as you can see not all stereotypes are wrong.

Anyways, you may be shocked that I've never attended one of these racing extravaganzas. Well I'm finally taking the plunge. I'm going to go see what all this excitement is about. But not to worry, I am sure I will NOT like it. I'm simply going to people watch. And to take documentary worthy pictures for my blog. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! And I should come back with some very good material to share!

So I just need to decide, should I wear my cut off shorts or my overalls? And a bikini top doubles for a shirt in any situation, agreed?


Kelly said...

I'm right there with ya girl - never been to a race. But from what it sounds like by your attire, you will more than fit in =)

Joy said...

Oh, have fun!! I LOVE the races! such awesome people watching and beer drinking!!!! Get there early because tailgating is half the fun :-0