Sunday, March 1, 2009

Time for a Trim

If you recall, our kitty Tuna received a gorgeous haircut back in September. Tuna was the talk of the town, and all of the neighborhood cats were jealous of his beauty.

However, like with anything, SOME people claimed that we humiliated our poor kitty with his haircut. They obviously don't have an eye for style. We just hoped Tuna agreed with us.

To play it safe though, we let his hair grow back out. And just like last time, it started getting matted. Poor little guy. He told us he liked the haircut last time and wouldn't mind another one, but if we could try to make it a little less choppy this time. We told him we'd do our best.

How'd we do?
Don't worry, I don't think he's crying!

I might as well take this time to also promote our new pet sitting business. For the first 50 customers we'll also groom your pet before you come back to pick them up. You'd be crazy to pass up a deal like this!


Joy said...

Oh poor Tuna, he looks better this time but he still looks humiliated :-( Bless his heart!

Cali.Love said...

OMG he is soo cute!!! I gotta blog about the dogs in this house :)