Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thank You Lindsay!

My precious gorgeous niece Lindsay mailed me the most beautiful picture ever today! How do I know it was from Lindsay and not her twin sister Lori? Because she even wrote her name on the envelope:

This was the front of the card. I am going to have to wait further explanation, but I think it is a boy, which I would guess is John, and then a girl (me?) and then a little girl with long pretty eyelashes (Lindsay!).

And this was the inside. My favorite parts are the purple flowers at the top and the purple ant. The squirrel sticker was a nice touch too!

I just called and thanked her, and she told me I was even invited to her 5th birthday party next week! I can't wait!

I also talked to Lori, and she made a picture for John that she wants to send him too. I'll make sure to share her masterpiece too!

Thank you Lindsay! I love you! (And I love you too Lori!)

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Joy said...

Awww, you are so sweet to dedicate a post to her artwork :-) She was so excited to mail it! I will put John's in the mail too because it's my fault that it hasn't gone yet! yes, the spiked hair people are always boys and the long hair are girls and she is smaller than the adults on her pictures, Lori on the other hand is always bigger than everyone! Ha! Glad you liked it!!