Sunday, March 1, 2009

Juan - My Personal Landscaper

Meet Juan:

He is my personal landscaper and has recently made our tiny little backyard into something usable! I didn't always believe in Juan's abilities however.

Just last year I hired Juan to plant some grass in our town house's backyard. It was just a small task and thought this should be no problemo. Juan ended up doing a bueno job and we had beautiful grass in no time. All was happy in mi casa.

Then, the unthinkable happened. The neighbor had a backyard consisting of all clovers. These clovers crept under the fence and started wreaking havoc on our beautiful green lawn. I spoke with Juan and he suggested using weed killer. Okay great! However, Juan is an extremist, and after weed killer wasn't killing weeds fast enough, he decided if we couldn't have a lawn consisting of only beautiful grass, we would have no lawn at all. Juan purchased Round Up grass AND weed killer and killed off everything. We had a backyard of dead grass and mud for the next year.

Fast forward to Valentine's day. Juan decided it would be nice to finally redeem himself. I offered no input this time, not wanting to get my hopes up. But he did mucho bueno this time. He extended the patio, made some lovely flower boxes, purchased a new fire pit, and bought sod for the parts that were left. Juan is here to stay. Te amo Juan!

He did such a great job, I may just even invite Juan over for some fun nights around the fire pit this summer. Mucho gracias Juan!


Joy said...

Muy bien Juan!!! Wow, I LOVE it! maybe Juan can come over here and work some magic on our front yard, it needs help :-)

Kelly said...

Hahaha - nice to meet Juan!
I thought about making some of the flower boxes too, they look really good!

tiburon said...

It looks gorgeous!!! Well done!