Sunday, March 15, 2009

Crawlin Around Town

This weekend I planned on not leaving the house and sleeping a minimum of 60 hours. But by Friday at 8:30 p.m. or so, I had a change of heart. Instead of catching up on sleep and resting, I decided to do something just a little bit different...

Yesterday we participated in the
world's largest bar crawl! For St. Patrick's Day (and for $25 a person!) you can participate in this all day bar crawl in downtown Charlotte. It starts at Dixie's Tavern at 1:00, and then there is a schedule of what times you are supposed to go to each bar downtown. Since there are about 4,000 people they split everyone into two groups and have 2 or three bars as the options for each time slot. The Travel Channel was also there filming the bar crawl to be featured on their show called Extreme. When it comes on look for me, I was wearing an orange t-shirt:

We went to Dixie's first to pick up our awesome orange t-shirts and koozies and hats:

Dixie's was ridiculously crowded (probably had something to do with all 4,000 people being at the same place picking up t-shirts!) so we left there and went to Alley Cat. From there we went to Forum, made a pit stop at Fuel Pizza, The Attic, tried to go to Stool Pigeons (again, too crowded), went to Nix (and ate again), then Howl at the Moon, Wild Wing, StrikeCity, and then Buckhead. Unfortunately for me, my feet have been hurting lately (I self diagnosed them as having midtarsal faults...owie) and this crawl did not involve crawling at all, but walking. I demand a refund, that was definitely false advertising!

I definitely had luck o' the Irish! Can you believe that I found both a green feather boa and a shamrock headband all in one day? Who gets rid of valuables such as this!? That just proves to me that I must be just don't get that kind of luck otherwise! I'm going to use this good luck to go into my neighbors' backyard of clovers and find a four leaf clover, and then when the sun comes out during this rain we are having today, I'm going to go to the end of the rainbow and find my pot of gold. You would think that I would just go buy a lottery ticket with the numbers I got in my fortune cookie earlier, but nooo, the saying is 'Luck of the Irish' not 'Luck of the Chinese' duh!

Please enjoy these pictures of me and my luckiness. You would think that I would also say something about how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends and blah blah blah, but trust me, have you ever met these people?! Lucky would not be the word I'd use to describe these friendships. Misfortune maybe, but not lucky.

And look! We even found a little leprechaun:

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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