Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Junkyard Cat

Our kitty Tuna is the prettiest fluffiest kitty ever. That is, until we got sick of the shedding, and tired of getting mats out of him. We decided, he needed a new do. We got out the clippers and went to work. Tuna went from this beautiful fluffy kitty:

Yes, that is a cat, not just a ball of fur.

To this:

Don't laugh too hard, he might get his lil feelings hurt. The picture doesn't really showcase the choppiness of the haircut. Do you tell someone when they get a bad haircut, or is that adding insult to injury? Poor kitty.


Joy said...

Oh my! Poor Tuna! I can't believe you chopped up his beautiful fur :-) He looks mad in the picture. Awwww! Tell him don't worry it grows back!

Kathleen said...

Tuna's thinking in this picture: just how am I going to get these people back for buzzing me and making me look like I stuck my tail in an electrical outlet? Reece laughs at me all day and I don't have nearly enough cushioning when I take naps.
They won't think this new do is so cute anymore when I stop using my litter box...

Betsy McK said...

OMG, your poor kitty!!! Better stick to pets for now, cause you just can't do that sort of stuff to your kids :o) I love your cats names so cute! Your blog is so funny I'll have to come back for more laughs. Boy I miss my 20's.